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OSHA Standard 1926.23242728, and 104

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Slips, trips and falls account for more than 225,000 injuries a year, and 70% of those incidents occur on level surfaces and falls from less than four feet! Falls from catwalks, scaffolds and fixed ladders, all commonly found on a farm, can be disabling and potentially fatal. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 700 fatal injuries from falls in 2010. All of these reasons are why OSHA requires that employers meet specific regulatory standards when it comes to the wide varieties of surfaces on the farm.

This Good Day’s Work training course will introduce the many surfaces and equipment—both on the ground and above it—that can present unforeseen slip, trip and fall hazards. It will cover the required safety measures that should be in place in work areas to protect from falls, and outlines the safety requirements to know when encountering ladders and scaffolds. Lastly, it includes additional safety measures used for fall protection, as well as general safety tips to keep the workplace optimally safe all the time.

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For optimum OSHA compliance:

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Everyday Surface Hazards

Ladder Cages and Scaffolds

Precautions and Housekeeping

Aisles and Corridor Safety

Stair Safety

Holes and Openings Safety

High-Elevation Safety

Guardrail Safety

OSHA Standards

Personal Protection Equipment

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