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Ag minds think alike

You probably already know Ag is the #1 most dangerous industry – raising concern among each of us for our people, as well as earning more attention by OSHA. But you are focused on your business, and have challenges unique to Ag, like the challenging labor environment and uncontrollable commodity prices, to name a few. We get it. Several years ago, when a northern Indiana Ag operation had grown to about 50 employees, they ran into a moral responsibility to get all employees home safe, beyond just training employees to meet OSHA’s requirement.  After in depth research, Good Day’s Work was created to fill the gap by providing engaging & relevant safety training content, as well as delivering and tracking the training. The purpose was and is simple, to create a foundation for Ag producers to build their safety cultures on.  The result is Ag-focused safety training content on a simple online learning management system – ultimately increasing peace of mind, reducing safety costs and turnover, and reducing risk of future accidents, liability and fines. Meet the team who strives to build their clients’ (and perhaps your’s) safety cultures. See below for what spurs us forward and the mindsets we live by.

Allen Furrer

General Manager

42+ years in transportation and logistics related businesses
– Truckload Carrier
– Consolidations and Distribution National
– Warehousing operations
– Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development
– Software Development and Marketing
– Order fulfillment via online & call center
Technology, Operations, Administration, Executive Management
Small business owner

Don Tyler

Co-Founder & Independent Sales Consultant

Don is passionate about clients achieving their business goals. Don has returned to serve his clients full time, and actively represents Good Day’s Work by providing clients with a tool to improve their safety.
Don’s experience, dating back to his days growing up on his family’s diversified farm in northwest Indiana, includes his last 20 years as an independent agribusiness-management coach. In this role, his expertise and responsibilities have evolved to be as versatile as his client base, which spans operations from his Midwest home state to North Carolina in the east to as far west as Hawaii.
By combining his grassroots wisdom in the Ag industry with his natural analytical and research skills, Don co-founded the company and led it for several years.

Corey Honegger

Digital Media Manager

Corey loves to make things happen and impact people. He currently works with Good Day’s Work on project management, content development, as well as administrative & marketing projects. He is simultaneously pursuing a Purdue University degree in Business Communication.
Corey grew up working on farms and understands the pressure to get things done. To that end, he‘s committed to providing content that makes maximum use of the student’s time, and creating other innovative solutions that help farms develop a culture or mindset of safety.

Our Accreditations:

Our mission

To build a safer world in Agriculture

Our vision

To move Agriculture out of the #1 most dangerous industry spot by 2030.

The mindsets we live by

Dent Makers – we care about making a true difference in peoples’ lives

Lifelong Learners – we are open-minded, take calculated risks, and never stop learning

Root Diggers – we challenge assumptions and dig until we find the root cause, before offering solutions

ROI Focus – we are accountable to deliver REAL results to our partners and each other

We > I – we esteem others as greater, share & debate fiercely, and move forward in unity