Good Day's Work

A Safety-Training Model

Uniquely Built for Agribusiness

Good Day’s Work 101

Maybe you’ve researched other online OSHA-safety training programs. Maybe not.

Either way, now that you’re interested in Good Day’s Work as the only such program developed for farming and agribusiness, let’s answer your most fundamental questions.

Quite simply, you’re buying a dynamic safety-training and compliance-reporting platform you and your employees can use online, any time.

It’s an easy and highly cost-effective way for your agribusiness to optimize workplace safety and productivity, while meeting regulatory requirements under OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration).

With your purchase:
• Your agribusiness gets its own dedicated, secure account in our software system…
• Your employees get user-friendly access to a library of ag-safety training videos, and…
• Your safety director, compliance officer or whomever you assign as your account administrator, gets access to a wide range of highly functional tools that make it easy to oversee your safety program and manage compliance across your entire company.

At the core of your Good Day’s Work account is an expansive library of video classes produced specifically for employee-safety training in ag operations. In addition to covering topics unique to agriculture, such as grain-bin safety, Good Day’s Work also covers general topics, such as forklift or electrical safety, as they apply to ag jobsites. Best of all, surrounding all this is a compliance-management capability that enables your account administrator to:
  • Access important information and training materials specific to the role of a safety director.
  • Set a safety calendar for the company.
  • Individually assign employees to specific classes, depending on the training they need, and directly message them to keep them informed.
  • Download safety handouts for each class.
  • File injury reports.
  • Easily maintain and produce compliance records for potential safety audits.
  • Access reporting tools that provide an exclusive look into employee training activity, such as—
    • A calendar of classes assigned to employees, with their individual attendance deadlines
    • All employees who have or have not completed required classes
    • Each employee’s amount of time spent in each class, his or her test scores, and time and date of class completion
  • Receive important reminders, including—
    • Annual training reminders
    •  New-hire reminders
    • Safety calendar reminders —and more!

    It depends on the size of your operation and the work you do. But, in any case, it will cost you significantly less than the alternative of hiring special safety-training consultants. Contact us for a free quote.  We do offer discounts for not-for-profits.

    • To start your own dedicated, secure account, you simply pay for your first year upfront.
    • That fee then becomes an annual renewal fee as long as you keep your account.
    • There are no long term agreements – you can cancel your renewal freely.
    • The fee is based on the number of employees—including seasonal and part-time—who will need training.
    • For a clear picture of your price—before you buy—contact us for a free quote.

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