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A Farm safety Tool
May 19, 2021
Consider this safety tool when addressing a task or chore. Here’s a simple safety tool to consider before addressing a task or a chore to be done. This could be a good topic to discuss at your next meeting. Each statement can have a specific reference to tasks you do in your operation. My two […]

Grain Quality Equates to Grain Bin Safety
November 25, 2020
Working in and around grain bins exposes farmers and workers to serious hazards, including grain bin entrapment and engulfment. Despite more grain safety awareness, farmers continue to be at more risk due to more on-farm storage, farmers hanging onto their grain longer, and having larger unloading mechanisms that can entrap or engulf someone more quickly. […]

Save Time

Save the day

Make your job easier and more effective. This online training system organizes it in one convenient cloud-based platform. All your records are easily accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device.

All the Tools You Need

An expansive library of video classes produced specifically for employee-safety training in ag operations, we provide all the support materials and information you need.

Easy to Use for You and Your Coworkers

Good Day’s Work is designed for you with simple account setup, dynamic tracking and compliance reporting.

Best of all, everything happens here on this website platform. So, you and your employees can easily access and navigate your company’s training program any time—even from a smart phone.

A True Hero Formula

One of the leading frustrations voiced by professionals serving in safety-director positions is how regulatory red tape distracts from what matters most— employee safety.

Good Day’s Work eases your administrative burden so you can spend less time meeting requirements and more time creating a true safety culture—one that improves the workplace for your people and the bottom line for your boss.