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Course Content Summary

When it comes to ATVs, no level of experience can guard against unpredictable situations. Further, because ATVs come with a clear degree of risk, your employees must have the proper training to maintain OSHA compliance.

In this Good Day’s Work course, employees will learn how to safely operate an ATV, specifically with regard to riding techniques for various terrain and other hazards, as well as the equipment required to maximize safety. It also includes most common causes of serious injury and fatality and how to avoid them.

Who Should Take This Course?

All employees within your operation who drive or supervise a driver of an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) should take this course annually.

What You Will Learn


Proper Safety Equipment

Safe ATV Operation

Play-It-Safe Tips

Safety Equipment and Supplies

ATV Inspection

Responsible Riding

Personal Protection Equipment

Content Recap


5-Question Test

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Course Quick-Look

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  • Duration: Approximately 13 minutes
  • OSHA standard: General Duty Clause 5 (a) (1)
  • OSHA-compliance status: Specialized Training Course | Recommended for all employees within your operation who drive or supervise a driver of an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Annual training recommended.
  • Downloadable content: Yes

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