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Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS)

OSHA Standard 1928.51

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Course Content Summary

No matter how many hours an experience employee has spent behind the wheel, the fact of the matter remains that tractor accidents are the leading cause of injuries and fatalities on farms, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The ROPS training course focuses on the importance of understanding the center of gravity in relationship to the tractor’s stability zone, the factors that can affect position of the center of gravity, and actions to take in order to prevent a rollover.

This ROPS course combines rollover prevention safety methods, common-sense tips, and real-life examples to help keep your people safe and your agribusiness OSHA compliant.

Who Should Take This Course?

Everyone within your operation who drives or supervises a driver of a vehicle or farm implement with a Rollover Protective Structure in place should take this course annually.

What You Will Learn


General Operation

Loader Operation

Rollover Risks

Maintaining Balance Within the Stability Zone

Factors that May Affect Center of Gravity

Common-Sense Safety Practices

Equipment Capacity

Equipment Maintenance and Inspection

Content Recap


5-Question Test

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Course Quick-Look

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  • Duration: Approximately 14 minutes
  • OSHA standard: 1928.51
  • OSHA-compliance status: Specialized Training Course | Recommended for all employees who operate or supervise the operation of a vehicle or farm implement with a Rollover Protective Structure any time during the year.
  • Downloadable content: Yes

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