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Servicing Rim Wheels

OSHA Standard: 1910.177

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Course Content Summary

Because servicing rim-wheel assemblies creates a hazardous work environment, OSHA has set very specific standards that employees must follow to minimize accidents and ensure safety.

In this Good Day’s Work training course, employees will have an understanding of how to deflate and demount tires, as well as mount tires, which includes inflating them within a restraining device and when a single-piece rim wheel is mounted on a vehicle. It also covers how to properly position one’s self outside tire trajectory during inflation, how to identify and inspect rim-wheel components, and how to handle them safely. Lastly, it includes instruction on installation and removal of rim wheels, and how to properly inspect them following inflation.

Who Should Take This Course?

Everyone within your operation who changes single or multi-rim tires or supervises anyone servicing tires should take this course annually.

What You Will Learn


What Is a Rim Wheel

Understand Rim-Wheel Parts and Assembly

Single-Piece Wheel Assembly

Tips for Single-Piece Rim Wheels

Multi-Piece Wheel Assembly

Safe Multi-Piece Rim-Wheel Service

Why Are Rim Wheels Dangerous?

Loader Tires

Deflating and Demounting Tires

Mount Tires

Inflate Tires

Learn the Trajectory Zone

Identify and Inspect Rim Wheels

Install Rim Wheels

Perform Post-inspection

OSHA Requirements

Tire Inflation

Content Recap


5-Question Test

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Course Quick-Look

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  • Duration: Approximately 14 minutes
  • OSHA standard: 1910.177
  • OSHA-compliance status: Specialized Training Course | Recommended for all employees who change single- or multi-rim tires or supervise anyone servicing these tires. Annual training recommended.
  • Downloadable content: Yes

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