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Harvester Safety

OSHA Standard 1928.57 (a) 6(i)-(v)

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Course Content Summary

Unfortunately, every harvest brings with it reports of harvester-related accidents. This is why OSHA requires specialized training for those who operate these types of machines at first use and every year thereafter.

In this Good Day’s Work course, employees will learn how to safely operate harvesters, including familiarization with controls and components, do’s and don’t to avoid harm, and operating instructions for specific scenarios employees may encounter. It will also cover the most common hazards to look out for, and what to do if and when encountering them.

Who Should Take This Course?

Everyone within your operation who operates or supervises an operator of harvesters should take this course annually.

What You Will Learn


Preharvesting Preparation

Safe Harvester Operation

Common Combine Hazards

Operating on Hills and Roads

Harvester Inspection and Maintenance

Personal Protection Equipment

Situational Awareness

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