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Course Content Summary

Heavy duty trucking has its own brand of safety hazards beyond conventional road safety. More farms have more trucks on the road, more frequently, and for longer periods of time. So, while OSHA does not present a regulatory standard for truck safety, the topic certainly warrants attention.

All truck drivers should follow the rules for the road and DOT trucking regulations. Regulations vary by state so we won’t address DOT with this course. However, the Truck Driver Safety training course focuses on the importance of understanding the most common ag trucking hazards and examining how to guard against these hazards before trucks ever hit the road.

This Trucking Safety course examines the different types of payload and how it affects the truck’s center of gravity and stability zone. In addition, this course will cover safety unique to different truck types.

Who Should Take This Course?

Everyone within your operation who drives, supervises a driver of trucks, and those often working around trucks (loading/unloading) should take this course annually.

What You Will Learn

Common Ag-Trucking Safety

Trucks Center of Gravity and Stability Zone

Understanding Tendencies of Payloads

Vehicle Inspection

General Load & Road Safety

Stopping Distances and Turning

Truck Operation in Farm Fields

Safety Unique to Different Truck Types

Rollover Hazards

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