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Grain Handling/Grain Bin Safety

OSHA Standard 1910.272 (e)(1)(i), (e)(1)(ii), (e)(2), (g)(5) and (h)(2)

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Course Content Summary

Of all the safety hazards that exist on an ag operation, arguably none is as high-profile these days as grain handling.

That’s why, in this video, we’ll cover every aspect of grain-handling safety as it pertains to the types of work you do, particularly with regard to both OSHA compliance and the more important aspect of real, practical safety measures that can save lives.

This video discusses common hazards associated with grain and safety training starting with prevention measures. It also covers how to safely enter a grain bin and how to respond if you or an employee does become entrapped.

This class combines content that is highly practical, both in the field and in your record books, as you strive to keep your people safe and your agribusiness OSHA compliant.

Who Should Take This Course?

For optimum OSHA compliance:

  • Everyone within your operation who  may enter a grain bin or act as an attendant of someone entering a grain bin, and anyone who handles large amounts of grain regardless of the area or location should take this  Specialized Safety Training Course. Annual Training is recommended.

For optimum safety:

  • Employees who are authorized entrants, attendants, or supervisors of a grain bin at your operation
  • Employees who could be called on to assist in the event of a grain bin-related accident
  • Supervisors of the above-mentioned personnel

What You Will Learn

Training Video Outline


Common grain-safety hazards

Causes of entrapment

Preventive safety
-Confined-Space Permits
-Lockout/tagout Measures
-Required personnel
-Personal Protection Equipment

Proper grain-bin entry

Proper Storage

Grain accident response

Content Recap


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