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Welding Safety

OSHA Standard 1910.252

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Course Content Summary

Every year, nearly two million American workers carry out welding duties on the job. Of that, more than 365,00 of these workers will suffer welding-related eye injuries, and that statistic doesn’t even include the burn, respiratory, hearing and other injuries commonly associated with welding. All of these reasons are why OSHA requires that employers meet specific regulatory standards when it comes to the wide varieties of surfaces on the farm.

Good Day’s Work is trying to change those statistics with this welding training course.  It covers the required safety measures that should be in place to prevent these welding injuries, and outlines the safety measures to take while welding and doing other ‘hot work.’ Lastly, it includes additional safety information on the storing and securing of compressed gases, as well as general safety tips to keep the workplace optimally safe all the time.

Who Should Take This Course?

For optimum OSHA compliance:

  • Everyone within your operation who is authorized to weld
  • Everyone within your operation who is authorized to do any other type of ‘hot work’
  • Anyone within your operation who may be exposed to welding or ‘hot work’
  • Supervisors of the above personnel

What You Will Learn


Inspection of the Welding Site

Equipment Inspection

Welder and Supervisor Responsibilities

Ordering Fire Watches

Electrical Safety Measures

Personal Protection Equipment
-Eye and Face Protection
-Hand Protection
-Ear Protection
-Respiratory Protection

Hot Work
-Hot Work in a Confined Space
-Hot Work Permits

Storage and Handling of Compressed Gases

Welding Safety Tips

Content Recap


5-Question Test

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Course Quick-Look

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  • Duration: Approximately 24 minutes
  • OSHA standard: 1910.252
  • OSHA-compliance status: Specialized Training Course | Recommended for all employees who are exposed to any type of hot work or welding, as well as their supervisors. Annual training recommended.
  • Downloadable content: Yes

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