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Powered Industrial Trucks

OSHA Standard 1910.178

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Course Content Summary

Unlike regular pickup trucks, powered industrial trucks are designed to transport heavy loads using a forklifting mechanism. Because of the unique safety hazards posed by the forks on forklifts and telehandlers, OSHA requires specialized training for those who operate these types of machines.

In this Good Day’s Work training course, employees will learn how to safely operate PITs, specifically with regard to the agricultural hazards they may encounter on a farm operation. It also includes most common hazards, such as rollover risks and loadlifting risks, and how to avoid them.

Who Should Take This Course?

Everyone within your operation who drives or supervises a driver of Power Industrial Trucks (PITs) should take this course annually.

What You Will Learn


What are PITs?

Proper Operation

Load Capacity

PIT Hazards

How to Stay Safe

Common-Sense PIT Precautions

Controls and Attachments

Refueling and Recharging


Content Recap


5-Question Test

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Course Quick-Look

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  • Duration: Approximately 12 minutes
  • OSHA standard: 1910.178
  • OSHA-compliance status: Specialized Training Course | Recommended for all employees who drive or supervise a driver of a Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) should take this course annually.
  • Downloadable content: Yes

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