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Bloodborne Pathogens

OSHA Standard 1910.1030

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Course Content Summary

It may seem as if blood-borne diseases are only relevant in the rare first-aid event on a farm operation. But the truth is, especially for livestock operations, exposure to risks are a daily occurrence.

This Good Day’s Work course offers training on the proper personal protection equipment to use as a guard against exposure to blood-borne diseases. It addresses the use of pharmaceuticals, syringes, razors and other devices known in the medical field as “sharps”. Content also includes general information about blood-borne disease transmission prevention, high-risk exposure events, and the spectrum of blood-borne diseases that pose a threat to humans. Lastly, your employees will also learn proper follow-up procedure if an exposure event should occur.

Who Should Take This Course?

For optimum OSHA compliance:

For optimum safety:

  • Employees who are exposed to agriculture’s wide range of tools and other devices that can puncture or cut.
  • Livestock operation employees who handle, store or in any way are exposed to the wide range of pharmaceuticals.
  • Employees who could be called on to assist in the event of an accident or administering first aid.
  • Supervisors of the above-mentioned personnel
  • Any and all safety personnel on staff

What You Will Learn


Understanding Blood-Borne Diseases

Blood-Borne Disease Transmission

Recognizing High-Risk Exposure Events

Transmission Prevention

Exposure Follow-Up

Proper Waste Disposal

Contaminated Laundry Handling

Personal Protection Equipment

Content Recap


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