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Emergency Action Plans/Means of Egress

OSHA Standard 1910 E: 34-38 and  1917.30 (a) (5) (i) and (ii) (A) through (C) (iii)

Course Content Summary

Not only is it a good idea in the name of safety to have an emergency action plan in place, OSHA requires it. In fact, for those operations that employ more than 10 employees, the emergency action plan, or EAP, must be in writing.

Of course there are a number of other disaster safety guidelines to learn, such as fire prevention, chemical safety and exit-route strategies. This Good Day’s Work course offers training on all of the above, in addition to the R-A-C-E Strategy, power-failure tips, and blizzard and severe weather emergency best practices.

Who Should Take This Course?

For optimum OSHA compliance:

What You Will Learn


Emergency Action Plan Requirements and Regulations

Emergency Exit Routes

Building- and Fire-Code Compliances

Emergency Role Players

Power-Failure Tips

Simple Fire Prevention

Keeping Work Areas Tidy

EAP Safety Measures

R-A-C-E Strategy

Severe-Weather Emergencies

Seeking Shelter

Blizzard Conditions

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5-Question Test

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