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Fire Extinguishers/Fire Fighting

OSHA Standard 1910 Subpart L: 155157158160164

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Course Content Summary

An accidental fire can be devastating no matter where it takes place, but it can perhaps be most devastating on an ag operation, where you may be miles from a local fire station, fire hydrants may be scarce, and where farm buildings, livestock, and loved-one’s lives are at stake.

This Good Day’s Work training course covers everything from fire prevention procedures to firefighting techniques and everything in between. It combines content that is highly practical, both in the field and in your record books, as you strive to keep your people safe and your agribusiness OSHA compliant

Who Should Take This Course?

For optimum OSHA compliance:

  • Everyone within your operation who may be called upon to extinguish a fire in an emergency situation should take this course annually.

For optimum safety compliance:

  • Everyone within your operation that may come in contact with an accidental fire.

What Your Will Learn


Understanding Fire

Common Fire Hazards

Firefighting Techniques

Types of Fires (A,B,C,D,K)

Flammable Liquids

Flammable Gases

Flammable Solids

Electrical Fires

The R.A.C.E Strategy

Fire Extinguishers & PASS method

Additional Firefighting Methods


Content Recap


10-Question Test

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